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  • Auto parts for Mersedes.

    Auto parts for Mersedes: new or second-hand.
    Mercedes by right became one of the first places on quality. 
    If you have this car, it is a success indicator. 
    Most of drivers never I thought about
    prices of service and repair of this car. 
    The first call of service leads to big material inputs. sums,
    spent if the car was in accident can be too big. 
    So the car of a dump won great popularity. 
    The order of parts in the well-known companies to be convinced that you didn't deceive.

    Martinito Motors specializes in European auto parts only. 
    We have been in business since 1970 and have been supplying South Florida and our International 
    customers with all their hard to find auto parts needs. 
    Whether you need something big or small we have everything in used parts and also offer special order cuts.

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    10 лет в автобизнесе В погоне за качеством!